Dental X-rays


Dental x-rays are radiographs or images taken inside of the mouth. They are used to focus on the teeth, soft tissue, and bone. These images allow our dentist, Dr.Brandon Del Toro DDS to see inside a tooth, the tooth root, the bone level around the tooth, and any other areas that can’t be seen with the human eye. The most common use of dental x-rays is to detect issues like decay, infection, abscesses, cysts, tumors, gum disease, and to check for wisdom teeth.

How Many Types Of X-Rays Are There?

Dr. Del Toro uses several different types of x-rays to help him check for oral health problems. Below is a list of different x-rays and the reasons why they are used:

  • Bitewings – Bitewing x-rays are usually taken at a person’s cleaning and dental exam appointment. These x-rays got their name because of the wing style tab that a patient bites on to hold them in place. Bitewings are used to show decay that is hidden between teeth.
  • Periapical (PA) – A periapical x-ray also known as a PA is used to show the whole tooth including the root. This type of x-ray can help show problems below the gumline like abscesses at the root tip of the tooth.
  • Panoramic (pano) – A panoramic x-ray is a dental x-ray that shows a flat image of the entire mouth. The x-ray machine moves slowly around a person’s head and takes a full picture of the whole upper and lower jaw. Pano’s are used to help the dentist check the health of the jaw as well as for wisdom teeth. This type of x-ray is also used for patients wanting implant treatment.

What Are Digital X-Rays And Are They Safe?

Many people are afraid to have dental x-rays taken because they fear the radiation. Dr. Del Toro and his team use digital x-rays which have lower radiation exposure. Each patient is also given a lead vest to wear for added protection. Although digital x-rays have very low radiation, pregnant women can still be at risk. This is why it’s so important for those who are pregnant to inform Dr. Del Toro and his team of this information so extra precautions can be taken.

Digital x-rays not only are safer than the original x-rays they are also faster to develop and easier to read. After an x-ray is taken the image is instantly sent to a computer where Dr. Del Toro can examine it. Dental x-rays should be taken on children and adults. When a child has their first tooth come in, it’s recommended that they have x-rays taken 6 months after or when they are 12 months old.

What To Expect When Having Dental X-rays Taken

Dental x-rays are not painful or harmful and a person should never fear having them taken. Dr. Del Toro respects each person’s right to refuse dental x-rays. However, it’s important for each patient to know that not having dental x-rays taken can leave them open to hidden problems. An abscess at the root tip can only be seen through the use of dental x-rays. If undiagnosed, that infection can spread to the rest of the body. Also, decay that is hidden between the teeth can be left to spread and develop into a root canal if not seen with the use of dental x-rays.

Although Dr. Del Toro does a thorough dental exam, there are many oral health problems that can go undiagnosed if dental x-rays are not used. This is why it’s so important for patients to allow dental x-rays to be taken. Dr. Del Toro and his team can answer any questions a person may have about dental x-rays. Knowing the importance of dental x-rays can help put each person’s fears to rest.

Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance can be very helpful because most plans cover dental x-rays. Unfortunately, many people may not have dental insurance and may avoid having dental x-rays taken because of this. Luckily, Dr. Del Toro accepts Adult Dental Medicaid, a program that helps those who are eligible receive dental x-rays at little or no cost.

Adult Dental Medicaid is designed to help low-income families, certain pregnant women, adults who are disabled, and others who qualify for the program. Dr. Del Toro accepts Adult Dental Medicaid for patients living in Paris, TX, Clarksville, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Mt Pleasant, TX, Commerce, TX, Sherman, TX, and Denison, TX areas. If you are in need of dental x-rays contact Dr. Del Toro today to schedule an appointment.


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