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Many people try to avoid seeing the dentist until they have a major problem or severe pain. Having insurance can be a great incentive to get the needed treatment done. However, many people do not have dental benefits and this dictates whether they see a dentist or not.

Adult Medicaid is an insurance program that helps people, who qualify, receive needed medical care and some dental care. These programs are specifically set up to help low-income families, certain pregnant women, and adults who are disabled.

Are all Dental procedures covered under adult Medicaid?

Unfortunately no. There are only a few dental procedures that are covered under Adult Medicaid. These include Dental x-rays, Dental Exams, and Tooth Extractions.

Dental x-rays are radiographs or images taken of the teeth and gums. These images allow the dentist to see inside a tooth, the tooth root, the bone around the tooth, and any other areas that can’t be seen during a dental exam. Sometimes certain cavities, infections, or impacted teeth can only be seen with the use of radiographs. The dental exam is necessary for the dentist to thoroughly check for problems not revealed in the x-rays.
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During the exam, the dentist will check for decay, infection, gum disease, bone loss, mobile teeth, cancer, and many other problems. Once the dental exam is complete the dentist will provide the patient with a plan on how to treat each issue. If a tooth cannot be saved the dentist will recommend dental surgery. Dental surgery that is covered under Adult Medicaid is tooth removal or extractions.
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An extraction is when the whole tooth is removed from the bone. An extraction may be needed when a person has deep decay that reaches the nerve, has a broken tooth or a mobile tooth due to bone loss. Sometimes removing a damaged tooth is the best treatment option. Performing dental surgery and extracting the tooth will help remove the dental problem along with any discomfort, decay, or infection. When a tooth has been removed a hole or socket is left where the tooth root used to be. If this large socket is left it can begin to cause the bone around it to deteriorate. One way to avoid this is to have bone grafting done. This dental procedure may also be covered under Adult Medicaid. A person should always check their plan to make sure a procedure is covered before proceeding with any treatment.
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If you live in the areas of Paris, TX, Clarksville, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Mt Pleasant, TX, Commerce, TX, Sherman, TX, or Denison, TX and are covered under Adult Medicaid contact Dr. Brandon Del Toro and his team. Dr. Del Toro accepts Adult Medicaid and can help each patient, who is covered under that plan, understand their options. Contact our office today for more information.


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