Dental Exam

The Importance Of Dental Exams

Seeing a medical doctor regularly for routine checkups is important in preventing disease and maintaining a healthy body. Having routine medical exams can help the doctor detect conditions and diseases before they progress. Just like medical exams are necessary to keep the body healthy, routine dental exams are necessary to keep the mouth healthy.

No one would leave infection in their body untreated. This can cause damage to the whole body. Likewise, leaving an infection untreated in the mouth can cause damage to the mouth as well as the rest of the body. Having the teeth and gums examined before a problem occurs is the best way to avoid major dental issues. This is why our Dentist, Dr. Brandon Del Toro DDS, and his team stress the importance of dental exams.

What Is Checked During A Dental Exam?

Understanding what dental exams are and why they are needed, is very important. When a person is a new patient to Dr. Del Toro’s practice or if a person has a specific complaint a dental exam is needed to properly diagnose and treat any issues. During the dental exam, Dr. Del Toro will check all areas of the mouth.

Dr. Del Toro uses special instruments to check for decay, infection, gum disease, bone loss, mobile teeth, cancer, and many other problems in the mouth. He will also thoroughly examine the cheeks, tongue, throat, jaw, and neck. Once the exam is complete Dr. Del Toro will discuss with each patient his findings and develop a treatment plan that will help restore their smile.

How Often Should Dental Exams Be Done?

Usually, dental exams are done every 6 months or when a person is experiencing a dental problem. Children as young as 12 months old should also have regular dental exams. Good oral hygiene habits should start at a young age. This will help to teach each child the importance of caring for their teeth. Dr. Del Toro sees many young patients and works to ensure each child is comfortable and at ease. Everyone at every age should have dental exams done on a regular basis. Even if a person has several missing teeth or has full dentures, routine dental exams are still recommended.

Insurance Coverage

For those who are avoiding getting a dental exam done, Adult Dental Medicaid can help. Adult Dental Medicaid is an insurance program that helps people, who qualify, receive certain dental treatment. Not everyone is eligible for Adult Dental Medicaid. This program is a federal and state program that helps low-income families, certain pregnant women, adults who are disabled, and others, receive the dental care that they need.

If you live in the areas of Paris, TX, Clarksville, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Mt Pleasant, TX, Commerce, TX, Sherman, TX, or Denison, TX and are covered under Adult Dental Medicaid contact Dr. Brandon Del Toro and his team. Dr. Del Toro accepts Adult Dental Medicaid and can help each patient who is covered under that plan understand their options. Contact his office today for more information.


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