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Usually when a person hears the word dental surgery they don’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The word surgery for some can be a very frightening word. Fear can come at the thought of the surgery itself but fear can also come with the thought of what that dental surgery may cost.

What exactly is dental surgery?
Dental surgery or oral surgery as it is also known as is surgery that is done in the mouth. One such dental surgery is the removal of a tooth called tooth extraction. An extraction is when a tooth is removed from its socket.

There are many reasons why a person may need an extraction. Some reasons include:

    • Tooth impactions – This occurs when the growth of one tooth pushes directly against another. An impacted tooth needs to be extracted because it can cause inflammation, infection, pain and bleeding gums.
    • Severe tooth decay – When tooth decay is left untreated it can eat away at the tooth enamel. The longer it is left the more tooth enamel gets eaten away. This leaves the tooth weak and prone to fracture. Also the decay can eventually reach the nerve which can cause pain and can lead to an abscess.
    • Broken teeth – When a person breaks a tooth, sometimes that break can be so severe that the tooth can’t be restored. The broken tooth must be removed in order to avoid damage to other teeth as well as infection.
If a person is suffering from any of the issues above it’s important to seek treatment immediately. Fortunately for those who have Medicaid in the areas of Sherman TX, Commerce, TX, Clarksville, TX, Mt. Pleasant, TX, Paris, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX or Denison, TX their extractions may be covered. The best way for a person to make sure a dental surgery is covered under Medicaid is to contact a Medicaid representative.

Before a tooth can be diagnosed as needing an extraction Dr. Del Toro must do a thorough dental exam. Under Medicaid x-rays and dental exams are covered. These are necessary for Dr. Del Toro to make the proper diagnosis and recommend the proper treatment. The x-rays are used to diagnose decay, bone loss, abscesses, impacted or missing teeth, and other dental problems

Once Dr. Del Toro evaluates the x-rays he will then do a dental exam. The exam allows Dr. Del Toro to physically examine each tooth and other areas of the mouth. During his exam he checks for issues like oral cancer, gum disease, decay, fractured teeth, and other issues. If an issue is diagnosed during the exam Dr. Del Toro will give each patient the best treatment options. Sometimes the tooth can’t be saved and an extraction is needed. This procedure will then be covered under most Medicaid plans.

If you or someone you know is suffering from tooth pain and is covered under Medicaid it’s important to seek treatment immediately. Dr. Del Toro is a Medicaid provider. His team is knowledgeable about what is covered under Medicaid insurance. Contact his office today for a consultation.


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